Early Ice Rentals

The guys will be scouting out areas on Upper Red Lake agains this winter finding areas that produce better fishing, setting up portable options through Rogers resort, doing check-ins with guests to see how things are going and giving our guests direction on lure / bait selections and what presentations are working best.

Otter Train Upper RedA day on the OTTERTRAIN

Our guests have the opportunity to rent this option through the resort however Portavilla guests can use our portables when we are moving their house or if fishing is below the daily average. Portavilla guests have come a long way and we want them to be as successful as possible.

4 Man Salem Camping Units On Shore (Upper Red Lake)

These units sleep 4 people, they are our Salem units these units are certified RVs on licensed campsites these units are available as soon as we have walkable ice.  When making a reservation add the Otter Train for every person interested in going. If you have your own portable and walking out you do not have to purchase a ticket and your stay is at the camping rate.

Camping Season 4/15 – 12/15 

Friday-Sunday Per House $120.00

Monday -Thursday Per House $100.00

OtterTrain Ticket

($30.00) Per Person

The OtterTrain is available to our guests through Rogers Resort. Pre-book your ticket when you make your reservation  and Save 25%. Includes transportation to and back, setup heated and ready to go. This is a nice option for the guy who wants to get off road or out on early ice.

Due to county regulations 4DLX, 6 Mans & 5 Mans will only be rented on the ice this year starting 12/18. 2 Man & 4 Man wheel houses will be out  just ways off shore and will use the OtterTrain to go out fishing this is included in the rental of these units starting 12/5.



The results where unforgettable!