The OtterTrain

What is the OtterTrain contingency plan, how does it protect me and my buddies? I’m not staying with Portavilla how can I get onboard? We get asked these questions a lot.
Otter Train Upper Red
Back in 2012 we asked our guests “If we charged a few more bucks and added a program that provided additional support to a terribly slow bite, would you be interested?” Overwhelmingly, the response was “YES”!
 In response we created the OtterTrain. It’s intent is to support our people and that it has. Sometimes it’s just a bad move, other times it comes down to just simple education on the bite, however, we all know there are those days that it’s just dead. This is when we put guys on the OtterTrain.
Last year there were times we pulled out the OtterTrain and some didn’t want to leave the house as fishing was good enough. There were times that when we pulled out the OtterTrain our guests were catching so many fish that people not staying with us wanted a ticket.

This year we are extremely happy to have Scott Moe fishing in front of our ice road and ice houses this next winter! Scott will be checking in on guests and utilizing the OtterTrain to scout out strong moves for the fleet while keeping guests on the best possible bite.

Scott Moe grew up chasing panfish and walleyes near his fathers hometown of Kensington, Minnesota. Spending most summers and weekends on multiple lakes in the Alexandria area. Scott credits his late father, Jim, for his love of fishing and for the number of experiences that have matured him into the fisherman he is proud to show. Countless hours were spent Lindy rigging, casting and jigging. Being hungry for more knowledge he expanded with employment at Burger Brothers and Gander Mountain learning all the aspects of Rods, Reels, Electronics, and Guns.

Scott has his own guide service, Scott moe’s Guide service. Scott has been guiding for about five years now and fishing is his passion and pretty much his life. Scott enjoys fishing the Aim walleye tournaments and Scott spends about 250-300 days on the water every year. He has all the experience necessary to be our point man!

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This year our OtterTrain has been made available to the resort. All fishermen now have the opportunity to buy a ticket and get off road with the OtterTrain. Your vacation is what you work for, can you really afford to be with an Outfitter that doesn’t have a backup plan.