Red Lake

Where do I Purchase Minnows?
Roger’s Resort has Fat Heads, Shiners, Suckers and a lot of jigs to choose from.

Places to Eat?
Roger’s Resort has pizza’s, Subs and other snack food. If your looking for a resturaunt you would be looking at a drive to West Winds Resort or to Black Duck, about a 15 mile drive.

Where do we meet?
When you arrive at Roger’s Resort, go inside the lodge and tell the people there that you are renting a fish house from Portavilla. They will call us out on the lake and we will come in and get you or meet you at a designated place on the lake.

What Time is Check-In or Check-Out?
Check in Time: 12:00 PM. Check out Time: 9:00 AM of the following day.

Do I Need a Generator?
If you want to run a coffee pot, pizza oven, toaster, hot plate or to plug in your vehicle’s tank heater then yes you need to bring a generator. The power we supply will charge batteries, vexilar’s, run breathing machines, computers, charge phones and lights etc.

Where’s the Beer?
Roger’s Resort does have strong beer and a full service bar, they only sell 3.2 Off Sale, so make sure you bring enough or plan on a 15 mile drive.

Where do we Clean Fish?
Roger’s Resort has a fish cleaning house on shore. We allow filleting fish, but not scaling fish in houses.

What do we do with our garbage?
Roger’s Resort has a dumpster on shore for your trash.

Do the houses have Rattle Reels?
Yes. The houses have rattle reels for half the holes in the house.

Best Baits?
In the last few years red, green, gold and pink have been the best. I would bring an assortment.

What’s the Limit and the Slot?
The limit and slot change frequently on the lake. Please check regulations on the DNR web site at

Is There an Access Fee?
Yes. Roger’s Resort does charge a lake access fee. A one day pass  is $15.00, multiply days $20.00 fee per vehicle. You may want to contact Rogers @ (218) 647-8262. Price is subject to change

Can we Bring a TV?
Yes. Our houses have antenna’s on them with a coaxial cable connection on the front kitchen counter. You will need to bring your TV and Converter Box if needed, and maybe some extra coaxial cable. Some of our Customers even bring their Satellite Dishes and Receivers and hook those up or you can rent from us.